How Long can you Live with untreated Breast Cancer

How Long can you Live with untreated Breast Cancer

In this article, let you How long can you live with untreated breast cancer?

How long can breast cancer live early?

This cannot be generalized, it depends on the patient's age, physique, mentality, whether there are metastasis and surgical efficacy, and other factors. As long as the risk of recurrence is successfully controlled, patients can have a long survival time.

With the reasonable treatment of early breast cancer, the cure rate is as high as 90% or more, and it will not recur in 8-10 years. Breast cancer may be asymptomatic in the early stages and may show local and systemic symptoms as the disease progresses.

1. Mass: 

It is the first symptom of breast cancer. According to foreign reports, most of the lumps are located in the upper outer quadrant, followed by the inner upper and nipple-areola area, and less below. The size of the lumps varies, and the size of 2 to 3 cm is more common, mostly single, and even multiple. The lumps are mostly round or oval, and the boundaries are not clear, and they are generally indurated and have poor mobility.

2. Pain: 

Most breast cancer patients lack symptoms of pain. Because less pain occurs, breast cancer is not easy to be detected early. Pain often manifests as tingling, bloating, or hidden pain in the breast. Periodic pain may also occur with cystic hyperplasia of the breast around cancer.

3. Breast skin changes: 

Breast tissue is surrounded by superficial fascia located under the skin, and the deep and superficial fascia is connected by Cooper ligament. Because the superficial fascia is connected to the skin, when breast cancer invades the Cooper ligament between the breasts to shorten it, it will stretch the skin and make the local skin concave, like a dimple, called "dimple sign". Also, the tumor may directly cause adhesion to the skin. The dimple sign can appear early in breast cancer and is more obvious when the affected arm moves up and down.

4. Breast wheel contour changes: 

When the mass is large, the breast may have a local bulge and the breast enlarges. When the tumor involves the skin or pectoral muscles, it can make the breast harder and shrink. When the patient sits on the side, the affected breast can be raised.

After clarifying the tumor pathological stage, timely and appropriate treatment is the key. For early breast cancer, due to the small size of cancer and no spread of metastasis, the most effective treatment is surgical resection. Breast-conserving surgery is an important method of surgical treatment of early breast cancer. Conventional radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery has a good effect. The 5-year survival rate of breast cancer patients after surgical resection is more than 60%. Clinically, those who have not relapsed and metastasized within 5 years are called cured, that is, breast cancer can be cured.

What is the current survival rate of Breast cancer 

When it comes to the relationship between cancer and survival, one must mention the "5-year survival rate" indicator. It refers to the proportion of cancer patients who survive more than 5 years after comprehensive treatment. For example, for 100 cancer patients, after 5 years of comprehensive treatment, 10 people are remaining, then the five-year survival rate of this cancer is 10%.

Why look at the 5-year survival rate? Because about 90% of tumors relapse and metastasis occur within 5 years, if there is no recurrence or metastasis within 5 years, the probability of future relapse and metastasis is much smaller.

Due to the development of modern medicine, the 5-year survival rate of breast cancer is getting higher and higher. At present, the overall 5-year survival rate in China can reach 80%, which is even higher in developed countries (mainly due to the early screening of breast cancer in developed countries is significantly better than that in China, and early detection and early treatment have a 5-year survival rate Significant influence).

According to the "Cancer Statistics 2015" released by the American Cancer Society, among all types of malignant tumors suffered by women, although the number of breast cancer incidences is far ahead, more than double the number two of lung cancer, but the number of deaths About half of lung cancer.

Breast cancer stage and survival rate

Everyone knows that the more advanced the tumor, the lower the survival rate. The traditional cancer stages are stage 0, I, II, III, and IV. The 5-year survival rate of stage 0 to stage I breast cancer can reach more than 90%, and the 10-year survival rate reaches more than 85%.

Later, with the increase of the stage, the survival rate gradually decreased. Waiting for stage IV generally has distant metastasis, although the situation is not optimistic, after active treatment, the 5-year survival rate can also reach about 25%.

Therefore, early detection and early treatment are very important, and most early treatment patients have the opportunity to meet clinical healing standards. But even if it is discovered late, don't give up treatment, hope is always there.

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